Miracle Hair oil

87% of our customers seen results in
 less than 2 weeks
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Everyday Nourishing Hair oil

Regrowz oil comes as a solution to all your hair care concerns. Regrowz is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicinal hair oil that contains natural ingredients. Regular usage reduces hair fall and stimulates hair growth.

Provides Protein to hair

Helps to improve the hair growth

Act as a Moisturizer

Keep the hair healthy

Reduce Hair Damage

It helps to reduce the protein loss
in your hair.

Acts as Antifungal

Protect against dandruff and lice
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Let your hair be personified

A balance in the preparation from the right choice of
natural ingredients and a proper massage and care
can go a long way.

Nourishing Hair oil + Thickening Shampoo

Get Additional hair care with thickening shampoo. Use the right balance of natural care needed for your everyday hair care
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Benefits of
Miracle Hair Oils

  • Reduce Hair Loss

    Since ancient times various herbs are used to prevent hair loss along with coconut oil.Regrowz hair oil is such magical hair care oil which is a mixture of 5 types of herbs and vrigin coconut oil.

  • Improves Blood Circulations

    Massaging your scalp with Regrowz Hair oil helps to improve the blood circulation on the scalp this improves the hair growth.
  • Cooling Agent

    Applying Regrowz Hair oil gives your hair a cool effet. The main ingredient of Regrowz Hair oil is aloe vera which is best known as natural cooling gel.
  • Hair Conditioner

    Everyone knows pure coconut oil is a good conditioner for hair. This hair oil along with ayurvedic herbs gives a good conditioning effect to your hair naturally.

Real Regrowz Results

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Before / After
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How to use
Regrowz Everyday Nourishing Oil


Take required quantity


Apply hair and scalp


Massage gently


How is the nourishing oil different from the treatment?

Everyday Nourishing oil is used for general minor hair problems and recoup the needed nourishment for your hair. The treatment pack is for major issues like fall, baldness and is for the scalp only. The ingredients is added and processed accordingly to suit the issues.

How long should the nourishing oil be left on your hair before hair wash?

Oiling your hair before a wash is always a healthy way of taking care if your hair. After a gentle application and massage it can be washed off with a gentle shampoo after an hour or left overnight and washed the next day.

Can I discontinue use after a period of regaining strength?

Yes, you can. We recommend you to analyze and take time to choose the right mix of oil with plant and natural power and continue to use the same for a long lasting healthy hair rather than experiment and change products often which could result in any hair damages.

When can we see visible results?

You can see small positive changes in less than 8 weeks like hair darkening, strands thickening etc. Using for 3-6 months regularly will reduce fall and give the needed result.

How to apply? When should I apply?

Pump out few drops of oil into your hand, spread onto the fingers and gently massage from scalp to tip. You can apply an hour before shampoo or can apply and rest it overnight. Also, can be used after shower if, preferred.

Can it be used after PRP/ hair transplant?

Yes, can be used. Generally, dermatologists or trichologists recommend not to apply during a sitting. It can be used before, or after the day of the session. Care must be taken not to mix with any other application or check with your doctor before mixing.

When applied on wet hair does it end up being oily or sticky?

The natural elements help in bringing out the natural sebum which helps in passing proper nourishment to hair. For dry hair it may be fine, for oily type, it may be greasy. Use lesser than recommended for a oily type skin.
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