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Women's Hair Regrowth Treatment

Women's Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair fall for women is becoming very common and could be traumatic. But we endure and suffer in silence due to lack of adequate ways and the risk revolving around the various options available in the industry.

REGROWZ is here to particularly help the women regain their confidence. Get this easy-application, natural serum to fulfil hair goals! Apply Regrowz every other day for a minimum of 6 months to see a noticeable difference.

✔ Developed by Regrowz UK ✔ Cruelty Free ✔ No EDTA ✔ No MEA\DEA\TEA ✔ No Harsh detergents ✔ Maintains hair health ✔ Complete natural ingredients✔ Enriched with natural DHT blockers✔No GMO, No Colours, No Phthalates, No Formaldehyde, No Petro Chemicals

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How to use Regrowz hair treatment

1. Apply the scalp stimulant

Use the dropper and apply 10 - 15 drops over the scalp where you are experiencing hair loss. Massage the solution into your scalp using your fingertips. You can also use a hair brush to encourage the solution to absorb into the scalp.

2. Wait…

Wait 30 minutes for the solution to fully absorb into your scalp. Use the time to catch up on your favourite series - this time is for you.

3. Apply the restoration serum

Time for the second product. Squeeze a few drops of the restoration serum into your palm, and evenly apply to the scalp where you are experiencing hair loss or thinning. Massage the serum into your scalp for one minute, and leave it to absorb for a minimum of 60 minutes. Then, shampoo as usual. Or, leave it overnight or until your next hair wash. 

What to expect

Results all depend on your hair type and how long you have been suffering from hair loss. Many of our users see positive changes to the condition of their existing hair within the first 30 to 60 days. 

The first change you will start to see is your hair feeling thicker, and although you may not see new hair growth, the process of reviving the root follicle has already started below the surface. In the coming months, you should start to see new hair growing around your existing hairline, and with existing use, you should be able to see new growth clearly. For best and most noticeable results, use Regrowz as part of your routine for as long as possible.

Product Information

Name & Address of the Manufacturer Regrowz Skin & Hair Care Private Limited, 19, Kohinur Ind. Complex,
Taloja Sec, MIDC Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Raigarh, Maharashtra, 410206, INDIA.
Product Name Women's Hair Regrowth Treatment(Restoration Serum)
Batch No RG22XXXXX
MRP ₹ 3499.00
Net Quantity 300 ml
Month & Year of Manufacturing XX-XX-2022
Used Before 24 Month
Inquiry Contact +91 – 9840000181
Contact Mail ID
Country of Origin Made in India
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Saw palmetto

Works by countering and blocking the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT, which is responsible for hair loss.

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Pumpkin seeds

Contain rich, fatty oils that promote hair growth, as well as Omega 3, B vitamins, magnesium, iron and protein - all great for the quality and strength of our hair.

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Contains glyceride linoleic acid, a fantastic moisturiser, and Vitamin E which is key to healthy and clean skin. Its high magnesium content also promotes hair growth.

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Rosemary oil

Improves circulation, promotes nerve growth and has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reinvigorate dying hair follicles.

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Shea butter

Incredibly beneficial and moisturising for the hair and scalp. Soothes dry, itchy scalp and helps with dandruff.

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Tea tree oil

A common ingredient in shampoos, tea tree oil has strong antiseptic, antifungal and antibiotic properties, and helps to soothe itching.

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Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, both internally and externally. If you're prone to dandruff, this'll help.

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Aloe vera

Eliminates bacteria and combats excessive oil build-up and dandruff on the scalp. Also includes enzymes to moisturise the hair and promote hair growth.

The dripper comb is not working for me. Stimulant fluid was all over my face. Is this the product error or something?

For women with long hair, the comb attachment is meant to help get the stimulant to the base. If you have short hair and don't need the comb attachments, pour a dime-sized amount of the stimulant onto your palm and evenly apply it to the required places. Please keep in mind that you only need a few drops, which you can do by slowly tilting the combattached bottle until 4 to 5 drops of the stimulant land in the specific area of your scalp. Use only a small amount and massage gently with the tips of your fingers; wait 30 minutes before applying the serum. Using too much will not speed up simulation, so please stick to the prescribed dosage.

Do the products still leave a strong scent?

If you have used our earlier version of the treatment, you may be familiar with the earthy herbal scent. Regrowz products come packed with natural ingredients that are crucial constituents for hair health and growth hence the strong herbal scent. With the recent addition of important natural ingredients, including Beeswax, the treatment now comes with a pleasant sweet earthy scent that is not as strong and provides an herbal presence throughout the day.

I am on birth control; can I take your product or use your treatment?

Yes, you can. Substances in our products are plant-based, they will have no negative effects. For your own safety, make sure you talk to your doctor first.

I usually wear hair fibres on my scalp, how will I use the women’s system if I wear hair fibres daily? Hair fibres are statically charged to slip onto your hair and scalp, Regrowz treatment has a layer of herbs and oils that may reduce the amount of static charge effectively in contact with your hair and fibres. We advise that you use the treatment overnight and wash it off in the morning and then apply your hair fibres with comfort.

How can the treatments help?

This hair regrowth treatment has been specifically designed for women's hair and scalp; gentle enough to be gentle, thanks to its natural formula, but powerful enough to do the job. It has also been shown in clinical studies to thicken existing hair and stimulate the growth of new hair. It's cruelty-free, vegan, and all-natural. That means you're not exposing your scalp and skin to harmful chemicals, which is always a good thing. To achieve the best results, incorporate Regrowz into your current haircare routine indefinitely to see continuous improvement in the condition of your hair.

What to expect Within the first 30 to 60 days?

Some users notice an increase in hair thickness. However, depending on how long you have been experiencing hair loss, you should see a noticeable improvement after 3 months and a more significant difference after 6 months of use. It is recommended that after you have completed your initial course of Regrowz treatment, you continue to use it to prevent hair loss from returning. Hair Regrowth & Thickening Treatment uses a traditional recipe of herbs, flowers and plant extracts to treat thinning hair and hair and hereditary hair loss in women. It helps thicken hair, helps hair regrowth and prevents further hair loss. As this product contains over 50 different herbs, flowers, and plant extracts, some of which are commonly used in cooking, such as bay leaves, coconut oil, cumin, halad, and so on, the fragrance of our treatment may differ from that of other hair products. On first impression, it may have a strong herbal odour in addition to the coconut oil smell. Less to be worried, the scent will off once the product is washed off. The scent will fade once the product is washed away, so don't be concerned.

The first 2-3 months

Typically speaking, it takes about 2 – 3 months of continual use to start to see results with Regrowz. After this time, you should start to notice thicker hair and new hair growth in areas previously weak.

Months 3-6

From Months 3 – 6 your hair should be significantly stronger and previously thin areas will start to fill out. You must still maintain consistency of use to continue to see the benefits of Regrowz on your hair.

After 6 months

After 6 months you should have recovered most if not all of your previously lost hair. However now is not the time to be complacent, and the regular use of Regrowz will consolidate, strengthen and retain your healthy head of hair going forward.

Please note results may vary between individuals